Hermit Changeling


Race: Changeling
Age: 7/13/25
Sex: None (Can assume any sex)
Background: Hermit
Class: Wild Card

Major Arcana: Executioner
Minor Arcana (Future): Myrmidon
Minor Arcana (Past): Berserker

Addie’s skin tone is a light white, hair stark white, eyes completely black. They don’t have a sex, and hadn’t spent enough time among human society to internalize gender norms, as such Addie has a mixture of typically masculine and feminine tendencies, and some completely alien to human society.


Addie was born in human form in the village of Knife’s Edge. 653 CE, the town discovered Addie was a Changeling, before they had a chance to run her out of town their mother gave them supplies told Addie to run. They eventually ended up under the waterfall of the Silver Slopes.

Addie swam under the waterfall after hearing a loud splash, found Shaddox dead and watched as Em hit the water. They were able to save Em, but Shaddox was already dead.

Having been expelled from society, Addie simply wishes to return to it.

12 year gap: Addies actions over the 12 year gap are unknown. She could be anyone, anywhere in this region of Veladrion.


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