Atala Rein

Knife's Edge Schoolteacher


Race: Human
Age: 32/38/50
Gender: Female
Theme: “Ex’s & Oh’s” by Elle King

Atala (maiden name Pashar) is a middle-aged human woman with beautiful, dark features and beige skin.


Atala spent much of her teenage years breaking hearts. The gorgeous daughter of the wealthy Pashar family, she was never at a loss for lovers to entertain her fancy. But as she matured and began to think more seriously about the sort of future she wanted for herself, she realized that none of the suitors lining up to court her were interested in much more than her looks and her family’s status. She was intelligent, but they only pretended to listen when she spoke; she wanted a large family, but they saw multiple children as an unnecessary expense. So Atala took a break from her flirtations to focus on herself.

Teaching came naturally to her, and within a few years Atala had secured herself a position as a schoolteacher in Knife’s Edge. It was during a class trip to the beach that she met her future husband, a sweet and unassuming ship captain named Khemed.

With their marriage finalized and her scorned ex-lovers cursing her name, Atala made the decision to give up her high class lifestyle to live a modest but comfortable life with her husband and later with their five children: Aseir, Seipora, Jasmal, Sudeiman, and Hameid.

As Khemed is frequently away at sea, the task of raising the children falls largely on Atala’s shoulders. For the most part this poses little challenge to the seasoned schoolteacher, with the one notable exception being her daughter Jasmal, who seems hellbent on becoming a cleric despite Atala and Khemed’s warnings of the poisoned Weave. Unfortunately, between running the school and the household, Atala has little time to devote to addressing this problem and more often than not finds herself cleaning up after a mess that’s already happened.

Atala Rein

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