Barris Brookeside

Good and honest soldier


Race: Human
Born: 619 CE
Age: 38/44/56
Gender: Male
Background/Class: Folk Hero/Battlemaster
Theme: “Blindfold” by Morcheeba

Physical description:

Barris is a tall and muscular man. As formable and intimidating as he looks there is much kindness in his bright blue eyes. He has a ruggedly handsome chiseled face topped with short cropped golden hair. Everything about him says he was made to survive in the harsh wilderness of Trifid.


It is the honor and the duty of the strong to protect the weak. This is what makes a community.

Barris was born in a small farming community in the unsettled lands of Trifid near the Veil border. Like his father, he learned the trade of blacksmith. However, he also learned the use of the blade and was a great asset to the militia that protected the community. His skill and honor quickly won him the loyalty and respect of his fellow soldiers. Before long he was given command over the community militia. Not satisfied with protecting only his community he started diplomatic relations with neighboring communities. With much work, he was in charge of a much larger militia that protected the whole area from bandits and monsters. This caught the attention of a rather ambitious commander on the other side of the border in Veil. He then sent an envoy to offer an alliance and a place in his army to Barris. After much consideration, Barris decided that he could do more good by accepting the commander’s offer. When he reached the garrison Barris was somewhat surprised that he was only going to be in charge of a small platoon that patrolled the other side of the border. Still, he was determined to make the best of it. Once again his skill and honor earned him the loyalty and respect of the men under his command. It wasn’t long before his name was on the lips of every person in the fort and more than a few nobles. This did not sit well with the commander who recruited him in the first place. He had hoped that Barris’s skill would make him look good, but it became more and more obvious that Barris was set to replace him. Knowing he had to do something the commander called on his contact in the Ravenfeather Assassins’ Guild. Soon after Casandra was sent to carry out the contract on Barris. The moment Barris laid eyes on her he knew two things. First that she was a very dangerous woman. The other was that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Against his better judgment, Barris spent time getting to know Casandra. As things progressed he found himself falling in love with this most enchanting woman. He could also see that she was also falling for him. Eventually, the day came when Casandra told him everything about who she was and why she was there. Barris had guessed most of it beforehand and decided none of it changed how he felt about her. Barris begged her to run away with him to the wilds of Trifid. He could tell that she wanted nothing more than to do that, but she convinced him that they would always be hunted. Instead Casandra convinced him to fake his death and escape into Trifid. With a heavy and broken heart, he agreed. After their plan was put into action Barris gave Casandra one last kiss and knew he would never see her again.

Barris Brookeside

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