Shaddox Davron Mason

Shut In Noble Son


Race: Wood Elf (Former Human)
Age: 10/16/19
Sex: Male
Class: Druid (Moon) 5 / Ranger (Hunter) 5
Major Arcana: Unknown
Minor Arcana (Future): Unknown
Minor Arcana (Past): Unknown

Quiet, cowardly, and withdrawn. There are more rumors than facts about him. Shaddox was raised as a noble, knows his way around polite society. Having spent most of his life cooped up, he hasn’t had the opportunity to put any of his studies into action.

Human: Short brown hair, blue eyes, pale white skin that would likely denote a light skin sensitivity.

Elf: Short spiky blond hair, green eyes, light skin.

New Look: Shaddox’s time in the fey wild has been tough but hasn’t left it’s mark on him. Red Eyes on the other hand has, a large collection of fading shallow scars cover his back, shoulders, and sides. Now wearing fine elven silks that shows a lot more skin and a surprising amount of muscle compared to when you last saw him. A shock of silver hair running through the rest of his blond. A fine elven dagger on one hip, and a twisted cold iron dagger on his other.


The Noble born son of Alastair and Marsaili Mason.
Age 10: Kept in heavy schooling, occasionally seen around Knife’s Edge. Rumor around town is that Shaddox has violent outbursts, an in order to keep the child under control his parents restrict his movement and keep him inside most of the time.

Age 16: It was discovered that Shaddox had a Torment attached to him, possibly related to the rumors of his violent outbursts. This Torment cost him his life, however he was reincarnated as a wood elf after Addie, Jasmal, Keokhal, Lero, and Tatiana sacrificed the towns offering to Cernos in order to revive him.

Age 18: Vanished, roughly the same time as Red Eyes.

Age 18: 240 days in the Fey Wild. 96 days before Red-Eyes arrived. They spent 14 days looking for a way out before realizing that they didn’t care where they were. 130 days before the rest of their friends end up in the Fey Wild. They spent roughly the first 14 day getting to know each other, before a few words slip out. Red Eyes felt something was missing from her life until she found Shaddox in the Fey Wild, and Shaddox hadn’t realized relaxed he’s become around Red Eyes or how attractive he found her until the 96 days alone in the Fey Wild.

The next 116 days were spent earning a name for themselves as the Golden Hunters. For the last hundred days they’ve been building a tree house in the hedgerow, hunting in the Hedgegrove, and getting comfortable with each other emotionally and physically. His once isolated view of the world has expanded from hearing about Red Eyes’s past. The time in the Fey Wild and stories from Red Eyes has deepened his connection with nature and his druidic powers.

Age 19: Due to the different flow of time in the Fey Wild, instead of being 28 Shaddox has just recently turned 19 during his 240 day tenure in the Fey Wilds. The two have become known as the Golden Hunters, and one of the few groups who knows how to stand against the Wild Hunt. Their connection to the material plane makes them oddly difficult for the Wild Hunt to track, however their tracking capabilities remain unhindered.

Shaddox Davron Mason

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