Lady Anastasia Various

Prodigy in the study of the Weave and arcane arts


Race: Human
Born: 553 CE
Age: 4/10/22
Gender: Female
Background/Class: Noble/Wizard

Anastasia received a perfect mix of her mother and father’s features. She got a ruddy complexion and dark brown hair from her father while she got her mother’s dancer’s build and sculpted facial features.


Rodrick thought he had another opportunity for a politically advantageous marriage as it became clear that Anastasia had many of her mother’s features. However, these hopes were quickly dashed when at a young age Anastasia became sickly and it was thought that she had a weak constitution. However, what was really happening was that Anastasia had mastered a couple of cantrips and was suffering the effects of the poisoned Weave. This continued without her parents’ knowledge until she reached the age of seven and she cast her first 1st level spell which rendered her unconscious for four hours. When her parents found out that she had been studying magic and casting spells her father was furious. He forbade her from casting spells. Anastasia made her mother quite proud when she answered her father by telling him she would do no such thing and he couldn’t make her. Exasperated Rodrick thought of a way to salvage this. The next day Anastasia was sent to the Ivory Tower. There Anastasia received training as a wizard. Even though she was closely monitored, Anastasia thoroughly enjoyed her training, and she quickly became one of the top students at the tower. As she advanced in her studies Anastasia found new purpose. She has two goals, to heal the poisoned Weave and to end slavery. She is sure the second can be accomplished by accomplishing the first. Anastasia believes that if the poison Weave was healed then there would be no reason to enforce the terms of the Repayment Treaty. Since deciding this Anastasia has worked tirelessly towards her goal of healing the poisoned Weave.

Lady Anastasia Various

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