Lady Casandra Various

Powerful Sorceress and loving mother


Race: Human
Born: 621 CE
Age: 36/42/54
Gender: Female
Background/Class: Noble/Assassin/Sorcerer
Theme: “Beautiful Drug” by Thievery Corporation

Physical description:

Casandra is very dexterous and nimble with a body built like a dancer’s. Her skin is a smooth dusky brown. Her facial features are soft and round giving her a somewhat sculpted beauty. This is topped with an untamed mane of dark wavy hair.


A charming smile is just as deadly as a hidden blade in the right hands.

Casandra was born to a life of wealth and privilege in the noble house of Drakovitch. However, even from a young age she craved excitement that a noble’s life couldn’t give her. Luckily her natural talents caught the eye of Zevious Silentwind, one of her house’s most trusted servants. She was shocked to learn that Zevious was actually an assassin and that he wanted to train her as one as well. Naturally, she jumped at the chance and began her training. She had to learn everything from weapon training to persuasion and deception to herbalism for healing and poison making. By the age of 15, she had completed her training and carried out her first job. From that day forward she lived two lives. One as an elegant noblewoman. The other as a ruthless assassin. Eventually, a marriage was arranged between her and Lord Rodrick Various that was mutually beneficial to their families. She had no love for Rodrick nor he for her, but they both accepted this as a fact of life. After a few years of marriage, she fulfilled her duty and bore Rodrick an heir. Once pregnant she thought her life as an assassin was over. However, once her son grew a bit she received a new assignment. Her target was a soldier in a unit that guards the border between Veil and Trifid. She didn’t know who wanted him killed or why and she didn’t care. She traveled to the fort that housed this soldier’s garrison under the guise of a healer. She thought it would be a quick and easy job. However, the moment she first spoke to Barris Brookeside she knew there was something different about him. He was the first person she had ever met that was completely without guile, and she was completely enchanted by him. For the first time in her career, she found herself hesitating. As she got to know him she kept telling herself that her interest was merely to aid her in her job. Eventually, she couldn’t believe that lie anymore and knew she was in love with somebody for the first time in her life. It was also plain for her to see that he felt the same way about her. Knowing that she could do nothing else she told him who she really was and why she was there. Much to her surprise, he told her that it didn’t matter and asked her to run away with him. Unfortunately, she knew there could be no happily ever after for them. Casandra devised a plan to fake Barris’s death and convinced him to go along with it. She carried out her plan flawlessly and reported her success to her superiors while he escaped into the wilds of Trifid. On her long voyage home, it became apparent that she was pregnant. She knew that both she and Barris had enemies that would target their child if they knew about it. Instead of taking the more direct route over land to her husband’s estate she took a roundabout route by sea. One night in the ninth month of her pregnancy a strong storm tossed her ship about and she went into labor. It was a rough birth that Casandra doubted she would survive more than once. The only person trained in medicine on board had no idea what to do, so Casandra had to walk him through it as she gave birth. Eventually, the storm passed as Casandra finished giving birth to Tatiana. The ship’s crew then collectively said many prayers of thanks to Zotal. Casandra knew that Tatiana would never be safe with her, so when she reached land she made her way to her parents’ estate and the one person she knew she could trust. Once she arrived she immediately spoke with Zevious and told him everything. Without hesitation, he agreed to take the child and keep her safe. Casandra bid both her mentor and her child farewell and went back to her husband expecting to never see either one of them again. (Short Story: Cassandra’s First Dance)

When she left Tatiana in Zevious’s care she had fully expected for her to have a normal life free of her sorcerous heritage and the Guild. However over the next fifteen years her plans for Tatiana were dashed. Casandra decided that her other children were unfit to inherit the Drakovitch legacy, and knew that Tatiana was her only hope to pass it on. She had also been keeping an eye on her daughter over the years and was disturbed by how Zevious was raising her. She found him to be training her in the ways of an assassin. Part of her was pleased by how well Tatiana picked up some of the training, but this was not what she wanted for her daughter. She found that Zevious was also keeping the servants at a cold distance from her daughter in an attempt to isolate her, so as to facilitate turning Tatiana into an emotionless cold blooded killer. Casandra remembered how Zevious used the same tactic on her during her training. It saddened Casandra that she would still be that emotionless cold blooded killer if it hadn’t been for her meeting Barris. At first Casandra thought that Zevious would fail in this as Lydia, the elf who nursed Tatiana as a babe, seemed to take up the mantel of surrogate mother to her daughter. However Lydia met with a fatal accident not long after Zevious started Tatiana’s training. Casandra always suspected Zevious’s hand in this, but could prove nothing. Then Casandra had hope again when Tatiana met Jasmal Rein. Jasmal and Zevious seemed to be at war for Tatiana’s soul. With Jasmal pulling it toward the light and Zevious pulling it into darkness. Things finally came to a head when Tatiana forsake her family name and left Zevious behind. Casandra knew she had to take action if she was going to save her daughter. She had her daughter arrested to keep her out of trouble. She then gathered up the threats to Tatiana’s life and made a test out of them for her daughter. She was pleased when Tatiana picked the only two she was ever going to execute and passed the test. So much so that she decided to indulge her daughter by bringing Addie back to life, and rescuing a rahshaki sex worker from the clutches of an evil baroness.

Over the next twelve years Casandra introduced her daughter to the Drakovitch legacy and watched with pride as Tatiana became an expert administrator. She also found herself spending time with her daughter as a mother should. Much to her surprise she loved the feeling she got from it. It so often reminded her of her time spent with Barris. She could never get as close with her other children as she could with Tatiana. She had an easier time with her other daughters because she was much different person after spending time with Barris. Still it wasn’t the same feeling and Casandra blamed their father for that. Once again as her daughter grew Casandra felt herself slipping back into that much better person that she was when she was with Barris.

Lady Casandra Various

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