Lady Katarina Various

Musical viruoso


Race: Human
Born: 650 CE
Age: 7/13/25
Gender: Female
Background: Noble

Katarina inherited her mother’s dark skin, hair, and eyes as well as her dancer’s build. She didn’t, however, inherit her mother’s sculpted facial features. Her face was considered by many to be somewhat plain.


From a young age, it was clear to Katarina that her father had no desire to have more children than her older brother. Her mother paid more attention, but she could tell that sometimes when they were together Casandra’s thoughts were with somebody else. Still, she held no resentment for her parents as they let her pursue music, her one true love. Her father decided at her birth that only use she had to him was through a political marriage. Therefore he gave her the best tutors in dance, music, and etiquette. Katarina quickly excelled in both dance and music even becoming a virtuoso with the Harpsichord and Viola. This pleased her father as he felt it offset what he perceived as her lack of beauty. Her talent and grace also pleased her mother, as Casandra thought that maybe she would have a new recruit for the Ravenfeather Assassins’ Guild. However, despite Casandra’s attempts to train her, Katarina showed no interest in martial training. Unlike, her father and older brother she knows nothing of Tatiana’s existence.

Lady Katarina Various

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