Lady Tatiana Drakovitch

Broken and Alone


Race: Human
Born: 648 CE
Age: 9/15/27
Gender: Female
Background/Class: Noble/Fighter(Champion)
Theme(Childhood): “Part of the Process” by Morcheeba
Theme(Youth): “Lost” by Sunlounger feat. Zara
Theme(Adulthood): “Starter” by The Cardigans
Tatiana and Jasmal’s Theme(optimistic): “Another Try” by Nova June

Major Arcana: The Dark Lord
Minor Arcana (Future): Conjurer
Minor Arcana (Past): Transmuter

Physical description:

Tatiana has her father’s fair skin, blond hair, and bright blue eyes, but her build is much more lean and toned. She also inherited her mother’s beautiful sculpted facial features. These features together clearly mark her as Casandra’s illegitimate child.


Important People:

Lady Casandra Various: Tatiana’s mother. Worshiper of Minerva. Skilled herbalist and healer. Also expert poison maker. Member of the Ravenfeather Assassins’ Guild. Tatiana knows very little of her mother other than Casandra’s name.

Lord Rodrick Various: Casandra’s husband. Not Religious. Member of one of the most prominent noble families in Veil. Tatiana knows nothing of his existence. Family’s wealth comes from the slave trade.

Lord Boris Various: Casandra and Rodrick’s oldest child. Worships Zotal. Tatiana’s older brother. Heir apparent to the house of Various. Tatiana knows nothing of his existence.

Lady Katarina Various: Casandra and Rodrick’s middle child. Worships Patron. Tatiana’s younger sister. Being groomed for a politically advantageous marriage. Tatiana knows nothing of her existence.

Lady Anastasia Various: Casandra and Rodrick’s youngest child. Worships Minerva. Tatiana’s younger sister. Prodigy in the study of the weave and arcane arts. Tatiana knows nothing of her existence.

Barris Brookeside: Tatiana’s father. Distinguished soldier and pious devotee of Voris. One of Casandra’s targets whom she decided to spare. Tatiana was the result of a brief affair between Barris and Casandra. Tatiana knows nothing of Barris other than he was a soldier and he was never her mother’s husband.

Zevious Silentwind: High elf. Tatiana’s guardian and Casandra’s most trusted servant. Retired member of the Ravenfeather Assassins’ Guild. Worshiper of Minerva. The only parent Tatiana has ever known. He has also seen to Tatiana’s instruction in a great many subjects including, but not limited to History, Etiquette, and Swordsmanship.

Jasmal Rein: Tatiana’s only friend. Their personalities often clash over moral quandaries. Tatiana is also responsible for most of the trouble that the two of them get into. After twelve years apart Jasmal has lost all trust and respect for Tatiana. Tatiana feels that it is because she doesn’t understand her. This has left Tatiana heartbroken and she deeply hopes their friendship can be mended.


Tatiana knows very little of her family history other than she carries her maternal grandparents’ family name and that she lives at one of their minor estates in a town far removed from the heart of Veil high society. Looked down upon by the nobles and commoners of Knife’s Edge Tatiana developed a rebellious nature at a young age. Tatiana has always wondered why her mother left her in Zevious’s care, but when asked all Zevious would tell her was it was because her mother loves her very much.


Though she didn’t know it at the time the course of Tatiana’s life was changed when she decided to go to a local festival with her friend Jasmal. She wasn’t all that impressed with it until she noticed a strange old woman. Tatiana was inexplicably drawn to the woman and went over to talk to her with Jasmal in tow. The woman had them draw strange cards and offered them a gold coin. Tatiana’s card was The Dark Lord. It made her think of how many of her fellow nobles’ wealth was built off of the backs of slaves. For the first time in her life, she realized how much she disagreed Veil society. As she left the first thoughts of changing the world began to take hold in her mind.


Since that fateful day at the festival, Tatiana has been looking for a way to gain the power to change the world. Thinking that only divine inspiration would set her on the right path Tatiana has spent much time studying religion and praying to the Demigods and Goddesses. This search had yet to bear fruit when she was called to the noble house of Mason. There she, Jasmal, and a group of three others received a job to escort a young noble to a shrine. Though the job had a less than desirable outcome she along with her fellow party members ran across the woman with the cards again. She was somewhat shocked to learn that everybody else in the party had ran across the old woman in the past just as she and Jasmal had. Once again the woman drew cards for Jasmal and Tatiana. Tatiana was once again shocked by how well the cards described her.

Tatiana’s impulsiveness finally caught up to her during the mission to rescue Keokhal’s parents. Her first mistake was throwing her name around to threaten Atala Rein into letting Jasmal come with her. She hates it when nobles do that and it sickens her to think that she would stoop to it. Her other mistake was taking Jasmal into the situation in the first place. She knows she almost got the only person in the world that she cares about killed. Her failure in rescuing Keokhal’s parents was also a blow to her personally. It has become clear to her that her dream of ending slavery isn’t something she can take head on. Ending slavery is still a goal she has, but now she is more focused on growing stronger.

Tatiana finally has found a path that she thinks suits her. While the others went to the monastery in search of treasure, she was hoping to find lost knowledge in service to Minerva. There she found an order of monks who offered to teach her their ways. Thinking this was the best way to grow stronger and continue to serve Minerva she agreed to undergo training. She honestly hopes that the training will help focus her mind so she can be more assassin like.


Tatiana’s mother came back into her life when she was fifteen. It was something that she had always dreamed of, and Casandra offered Tatiana the one thing she always wanted, a family. Though she had to make some horrific choices in a test, Tatiana decided to go with her mother just for the chance to have a family. Casandra quickly made it clear to Tatiana that the choices she made in this test wouldn’t have effected whom got killed. She was always going to remove the two threats to her daughter’s life, Addie and Zevious. Tatiana’s choices were only to prove that she was worthy of inheriting the Drakovitch Legacy. Casandra then introduced Tatiana to the real Drakovitch legacy, and Tatiana found her new purpose. She knows that the power it held could change the world for the better and that it must be protected from those who would misuse it or carelessly try to take it. Tatiana has dedicated herself to it. During the twelve years after she left with her mother Tatiana became an able administrator of the Legacy. She still finds parts of it distasteful like how it has to be staffed by slaves. However she sees the wisdom in this and knows that it is the best solution where no good solution exists.

During this time she found that she was never suited for the path of an assassin. She completely gave up on the training that the monks had given her. Luckily her mother provided her with some of the best swordsmen in the land to teach her the ways of a warrior. Tatiana excelled at this training like none before it. Her mother would often chuckle and say that this was no surprise to her as she was sure that Tatiana was her father’s daughter. When asked Casandra would tell Tatiana very little of her father, and every time Tatiana could tell even thinking of him caused her mother great pain. Tatiana was sure that this pain was caused by love of her father and not dislike or hate. Her studies into the ways of the warrior also gave Tatiana a great deal of knowledge of Voris, and Tatiana came to worship Her in an equal amount that she worshiped Minerva. She found it enigmatic how her mother would tell her this also was no surprise considering who Tatiana’s father was.

During this time Tatiana experienced Three loving relationships. The first was with her mother. It surprised and shocked Tatiana how easily they fell into a loving mother daughter relationship. It was everything Tatiana had dreamed about and more. It also had the effect of Tatiana wondering about her siblings. She found that she had three of them, a brother and two sisters. Her mother never spoke fondly of them and often told her how power had corrupted them beyond all redemption. Despite her mother’s words Tatiana secretly hoped to meet her siblings and perhaps help them find their way back to a righteous path. The second relationship she had was with the sex worker Jasmal had wanted to save from the Baroness. Knowing that saving the sex worker would be a noble deed and that it would keep Jasmal out of trouble, Tatiana convinced her mother to purchase the rahshaki before leaving Knife’s Edge. Tatiana took the woman on as her personal maid. The woman didn’t know what to make of her new situation at first and came into it fearful. However Tatiana found her to be the last link between herself and the people she left behind in Knife’s Edge and quickly found herself treating this woman as more of a sister than a servant. Tatiana was pleased a great deal when the rahshaki began to return her affections. Tatiana had never experienced this with any of her previous servants. They had always treated her with a cold distance, and Tatiana learned that this was because Zevious demanded it be so. The last relationship that Tatiana had was with a gnome named Contessa Gearwell. Contessa was contracted by Tatiana’s mother to be Tatiana’s tutor in the study of arcana and the art of martial combat. However Tatiana was immediately charmed by the cheerful and flirty woman. Within a month and a half they had become lovers. Six months after that the two women decided to live as a couple despite the fact that marriage was out of the question due to the societal standards of Veil. Unfortunately the same night they decided on their future together Contessa died saving Tatiana’s life. This is a wound that Tatiana still hasn’t fully recovered from in the nine years since it happen.(Short Story: Lessons Learned of Duty) In the end these relationships caused Tatiana to soften and become a kinder and more sensitive person. She would have never believed it but she knew this made her a better person.

After twelve years she has found herself thrust back into the world and returning to her one time home of Knife’s Edge. This is has caused her equal parts excitement and trepidation. She knows that just about every person in Knife’s Edge curses her name. That they would only see what they were meant to see and wouldn’t hesitate to think the worst of her. Still she thought her old friends would be welcoming and it would lead to a joyous reunion. However after being quickly reunited with her old group, she has found most of their opinions of her to be less than favorable. This both saddens her and breaks her heart. However Jasmal’s reaction to her was the worst and most surprising. She thought above all else Jasmal would understand why she left. That Jasmal would know she didn’t have the full picture of what happened that day and would trust her friend as Tatiana had asked her to do when she said good bye. Jasmal’s distrust and open hatred of her is tearing Tatiana apart and she can only hope she can fix things with one of the only four people she has ever loved.

Current goals:

-Clean up the huge shit storm that she single handedly caused.
-Find out what happened to her.

Lady Tatiana Drakovitch

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