Lero Tealeaf

Always offering a hand to those that need lifting.


Townie of Knife’s Edge
Parents are gone.
Born in carriage
-Left at Birth
-Born with a curse Fits of Depression.
-Constantly checks for shadow butterflies over his shoulder.
-Carries the heirloom of his mother

Spastic Actor.

Major Arcana: Mists
Minor Arcana (Past): Priest
Minor Arcana (Future): Abjurer


Brother: Yuri Tealeaf
-From a foreign land.
-Half elf 6 years younger

-Both very friendly and kind people.
-Frequently helping those in a lower class to their social detriment.

Grandma: Gilly Tealeaf
-Unusual item (Anachronistic item)
-Obsession (Wild Animal, Puma)
Grandpa: Tolman Tealeaf
-Very Religious (Patron)

Captain Trafalgar
-Captain of the ship Equality
-Stern but fair
-accepting of everyone but expects nothing but the best from them
-Missing an eye and gave his glass eye to Lero as a parting gift

-Patient and wise
-Trains the newcomers
-Quickly loses patience when the Captain is insulted


Became a sailor when he was depressive one day tried to find an acting gig but failed miserably. In a fit he signed up for a crew on the ship Equality but by the time he regained lucidity it was too late he was already on the sea.

During his time on the trade ship Equality he was mostly scrubbing the deck or sitting in the crow’s nest. The captain, Trafalgar, was a stern but fair man. On his ship every crew member had a voice regardless of race or class so reflecting that there was a large variety of races on the ship for “Every man and woman can drown underneath the wrath of the sea and Zotal.” The first mate Norghoul was the one who mostly trained and supervised Lero which included repairing the sails and using the navigation tools.

One particular experience during his time on Equality was during a surprise storm. Norghoul was giving orders to reef the sails when a rope snapped and threw Lero overboard. Before anyone even yelled “man overboard” Captain Trafalgar had already dived in to rescue Lero.

His experiences onboard Equality only reaffirmed what was trained at home, every man has strengths that should be fostered, every man has a voice that should be heard, and every man should offer a hand to those who need lifting.

Lero Tealeaf

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