Lord Boris Various

Cruel heir to House Various


Race: Human
Born: 643 CE
Age: 14/20/32
Gender: Male
Background: Noble

Boris shares his father’s ruddy complexion and dark brown hair. However, his build is more muscular than rotund. His face is also more sculpted like his mother’s giving him a ruggedly handsome look. However, unlike either of his parents, his chocolate eyes hold a great deal of cruelty.


Like his father before him, Boris was a first born son and groomed from birth to take over House Various. During his childhood, he was mostly left in the care of tutors, and came to resent his parents. This was especially true of his mother who never showed much of an interest in him. As he grew he became an even shrewder businessman than his father. However, his resentment for his parents grew as well. This resentment manifested in his treatment of his slaves. He took great joy in causing them pain and mistreating them. Eventually, he took over the family’s business interests and made a side business out of renting out slaves for this purpose to like minded individuals. Boris knows of Tatiana and harbors a great deal of resentment for her as well.

Lord Boris Various

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