Lord Rodrick Various

Head of House Various


Race: Human
Born: 611 CE
Age: 46/52/64
Gender: Male
Background: Noble

Rodrick is a rotund man with a ruddy complexion and dark brown hair. His round face has full lips with a bulbous nose and eyes.


Rodrick was a first born son and groomed to take over the noble house of Various from birth. Before the Fool’s War House Various was a relatively minor house whose modest wealth came from a fleet of trading ships. However, after the Repayment Treaty in 597 CE Rodrick’s father, the then head of House Various, moved the family’s business interests from trading to slavery. In a very short time, the house’s wealth and influence increased a great deal. At the age of eighteen, Rodrick’s father died and he took over House Various. The family’s business flourished under him as he combined the family’s trading fleet with their slavery interest. Rodrick set up several outposts along the cost of Trifid and staffed them with slave hunters. These slave hunters were mostly Chattel as Rodrick offered them a bonus against their debt to earn their freedom for every slave they bring in. This system worked out well and increased profits exponentially. The house quickly became one of the most prominent noble houses in Veil. However, they still lacked the respectability of the old money noble houses. Rodrick solved this problem at the age of 28 when he took Lady Casandra Drakovitch as his bride. House Drakovitch was one of the oldest and most respected houses in Veil, but it had found itself in financial dire straits. Through this marriage House Various gained respectability while House Drakovitch gained a much needed influx of money. Everybody going into it knew it was a loveless marriage that was nothing more than a business arrangement. Still within four years of their wedding Casandra did her duty and provided Rodrick with a son who could serve as his heir. After that Rodrick was content to leave Casandra to her own devices. He didn’t much care what she did when five years later she went back to doing missionary work as a healer. However, after she took an overly long time coming back from a mission in the north word got back to him that she had become pregnant and gave birth. Rodrick wasn’t overly concerned that she had taken a lover and had a bastard as Casandra left the child at a minor estate in the care of a servant. Still, he thought he needed to lay claim over Casandra, and had two more children with her.

Lord Rodrick Various

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