Zevious Silentwind

Assassin, Butler, and Caretaker


Race: High Elf
Born: 81 CE
Age: 576/582/Deceased
Gender: Male
Background/Class: Noble/Assassin

Physical description: Tall with a slight build. Very dexterous and deceptively strong. Long straight black hair that he keeps in a braid that reaches the bottom of his back. Gray eyes the color of storm clouds. Sharp facial features with a hawkish nose and thin lips.


A person’s destiny can’t be given to them. They must forge it with their own two hands.

Zevious was born into an Elven noble house long before the Fool’s War. However, he never had a taste for politics or the games nobles play. As he came of age he found himself searching for purpose. He found that purpose when a member of the Ravenfeather Assassins’ Guild noticed his natural talents and recruited him. Zevious loved life as an assassin and excelled at it for many years. Then the Fool’s War broke out. Ravenfeather remained neutral in the war and took jobs from both sides. Like the rest of his fellow guild members, Zevious was happy with this. He wasn’t even real broken up about it after the war when elves were enslaved. Zevious always saw himself a member of Ravenfeather first and an elf second. Like most of the non-human races of the Guild Zevious adapted to his new situation. He was given into service to the noble house of Drakovitch who were long time patrons of Ravenfeather and went into a semi-retirement. He played the part of the dutiful servant, but his real job was to recruit new members for Ravenfeather. His greatest success was Lady Casandra Drakovitch. He saw her skill at a young age and took it upon himself to train her. Just like he did in his youth she excelled at her training and became an exceptional assassin. However, she eventually married and move into her husband’s house. Zevious hadn’t seen Casandra for years when she showed up at her family’s estate with a newborn baby in her arms. Casandra told Zevious of how her daughter came to be and asked him to raise and protect her. Zevious readily agreed and moved the child and a select group of trusted servants to one of the family’s minor estates in the town of Knife’s Edge. As Tatiana grew Zevious quickly learned that she had inherited many of her mother’s natural talents. Zevious then began subtlety training her in the ways of an assassin for he knew that one day people would wish her harm.

Zevious wasn’t sure if Tatiana would ever be of use to him. However as she grew he found that she shared many of her mother’s natural talents, and he knew with the proper training he could forge her into a fine weapon for the Guild. It was a two part plan really. First was the physical and mental training. He found that while Tatiana had very few problems with her education, she lacked the proper self discipline. Zevous hoped to cure this by dropping hints as to her mother’s life as an assassin. He knew that Tatiana craved family more than anything else and he believed he could get her to jump to the conclusion that she would be closer to her mother if she could become a proper assassin. The second part would be to isolate Tatiana from other people. He needed her to see others as only targets to be eliminated or tools to help her eliminate her targets. He ran into to obstacles with this. The first was an elf named Lydia. Being a servant she was supposed to be his creature. However he quickly found that Lydia was more loyal to Casandra than she ever would be to him. Lydia refused to keep a cold distance from Tatiana, and became a surrogate mother to her. Zevious couldn’t have this so as soon as Lydia out lived her usefulness he had her eliminated. As Tatiana grew he let it be known to the people of Knife’s Edge that she considered herself superior to all of them. This wasn’t true but it did earn Tatiana the disdain of almost all of the townsfolk. It pleased him that Tatiana wore a hard exterior in response to this. His other problem came in the form of Jasmal Rein. As her and Tatiana’s friendship blossomed, Zevious found that Tatiana loved Jasmal like a sister. He considered himself lucky that Tatiana’s lack of discipline often led the two of them into trouble. He had hoped that it would force Jasmal’s parents to keep them apart. Unfortunately he quickly found that Jasmal shared Tatiana’s rebellious streak. A solution to this problem came when Jasmal came to him asking for help in rescuing a rahshaki sex worker from a baroness that was going to buy her and torture her to death. He of course refused to help, but knew the girl wouldn’t let this go. Using his skills he found out the girl’s plan, and knew he only need to inform the baroness of it. There was the small matter of keeping Tatiana out of it, but he wasn’t overly concerned with that. Then there came a wrinkle in his plan when Tatiana had met her mother and demanded answers from him, some of which he didn’t have. After refusing to tell her she showed her impulsiveness once again by rejecting her family name and leaving the estate. Fed up with the girl he knew it was time to take drastic action that would either set Tatiana onto his path or remove his failure completely. He emptied the estate and handed it over to the baroness as well as telling her of Jasmal’s plan. He made sure that the Baroness knew that Jasmal was the ringleader and that he would consider it a favor if Tatiana was returned to him in any state the baroness saw fit as long as she was alive. Zevious soon learned that his cunning plan was all for nothing when Casandra showed up with a contingent of her knights and took him into custody. She was all to happy to tell Zevious that she was going to test Tatiana by making her chose between Jasmal and him. Zevious had no idea how Casandra figured things out, but he knew he was a dead man regardless of what Tatiana chose. He also knew that she would always chose Jasmal over him so she was going to pass her test.

Zevious Silentwind

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