BTS Primer


Where and When

Western Veladrion is rife with a history of violence and Weave contaminants. It's 657CE, and about 60 years have passed since the last battle of the Fool's War. The second generation of post war children are growing up, being raised by parents who don't fully understand why the Fool's War took place in the first place. Children growing up understanding the difference between the words Slave and Chattel, living in a world trying to make the losing side pay off the economic damage from the war.

The Weave Blight

Due to the blighted weave, drawing magic power from the weave causes the caster to be exposed to concentrated blight directly. This results in physical harm to the caster. Casting a cantrip deals 1 point of psychic damage, while casting a spell deals 2 points of psychic damage per spell level. Spell like abilities, or abilities that may be magic in nature but that aren't considered spell casting don't suffer this ill effect. The body acts as a filter for the weave blight, given a slow enough flow rate these spell like abilities can be manifested without causing harm to the caster. However even cantrips require direct manipulation of the weave, resulting in short contact with a heavy concentration of the weave blight.

Childhood (PC's are 5-12 years old) 657 CE

You will be playing as part of this second generation removed from the war, with the exception of Elves who are first generation. The first session will take place during 657 CE while player characters are still children, between the ages of 5 and 12. At this point you'll be playing without a background or a class, buying your attributes with a 12 point buy. Starting health will be equal to 4 + Constitution Bonus. The most important factor in childhood for your character will be race, check out Races

Youth (PC's are 11-18 years old) 663 CE

Youth grants 8 more points to spend on point buy, you'll have a background but no class, a Proficiency bonus of +1, and health of 6 + Constitution Bonus. While you won't start with class levels, you'll gain them during your youth, and should hit level 3 before leaving Youth.

Adulthood (PC's are 23-30 years old) 675 CE

At this point characters will mechanically operate as normal. Players will be 4th level at the start of this and gain the last 7 points of point buy for reaching adulthood.

BTS Primer

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