Fey Torments


Fey Torments

The fey torments are known for their strong connection with other creatures. Each of them feeds off different aspects of society. Often harmless on their own, their means of sustaining themselves have a tendency to cause trouble for those around them. Some speculate that this is the Fey's means of coexisting with civilization as it continues to advance, instead of adapting to new environments the Fey Wilds may have birthed completely new Fey. Other's believe they've always been around and it's simply the rise of civilization that has made their existence more obvious.

Mute Torment

This Torment have no voice of their own, so they steal the voice of others.
Mechanics: Target loses their voice until the Torment throws it away, either having found a new voice or when they get bored with it. The voice can also be recovered by destroying the Acorn that the voice is housed in.
Description: The creature looks like a large tan squirrel, with larger floppy ears. It's head almost looks ablaze with purple black hair, slowly waving. The Fey Trauma always wears a mask of bark, it's tail is tannish white, with red horizontal stripes. Finally there's an acorn that hangs on a necklace around it's neck.

Misophonia Torment

This Torment is wants to cause annoyance or feelings of disgust and anger. When the Torment hears sounds that set it off they cause fight or flight symptoms in their host, sweating, muscle tension, and increased heart beat.
Mechanics: Target makes a Charisma Save or gains the Fear status until they can separate from the sound. A successful save provides the player a minute reprieve from the Misophonia's effects.
Description: The Trauma looks like a purple bat, it's wings aren't leathery, but a muted burnt orange that's similar to a butterfly. It's face is a bony skull, black voids where it's eyes would be.

Fey Torments

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