Fortune System


The Fortune System

Fortune is a balance, representing the forces of luck and destiny. Good Fortune can push players forwards to do better in the world, or take a risk. Bad Fortune represents forces that slow the players down, making life harder. For every good fortune spent, bad fortune is created, and for every bad, a good. Fortune is a pooled resource, placed on the table within reach of any player and the DM.

Spending Good Fortune

Only players may spend good fortune.
(1G) Skill and Training: Before you roll a d20, you may gain advantage for that roll.
(1G) Second Shot: After you roll a d20, you may re-roll the die and must take the new result.
(1G) Recovery: Any hit dice spent are maximized, lasts one rest or one action.

Tarokka Fortune

Unlike normal uses of Tarokka Fortune don't spend fortune, they assign it. When a player uses a Tarokka Fortune, they move the number of good and bad fortune required for the action to their character sheet. When a player has fortune on their character sheet, they can not use Fortune from the pool until the fortune on their character sheet is exhausted. This means even if they have a bad fortune on their character sheet, they can't use the fortune pool. Good Fortune can only be spent by the character, and Bad Fortune can only be spent against the character. There are new Bad Fortune options for the DM to spend against a player, both involve impelling their Arcanas, forcing that aspect of the characters destiny to surface again.
(2B) Destined: Impel a Minor Arcana for benefit.
(4B) Fated: Impel a Major Arcana for benefit.
(2G&B) Prophecy: Draw a Tarokka card to add to a scene.
(2G&B) Temporary Arcana: Draw a Minor Arcana to give a character for the session.
DM uses of Bad Tarokka Fortune:
(2B) Impel a Minor Arcana of the character.
(4B) Impel the character's Major Arcana.

Spending Bad Fortune

Only the DM may spend bad fortune.
(1B) Guidance: Gain advantage to a d20 roll before it's rolled.
(1B) Crippling Hit: Roll on the long term injury table, after damage is rolled.
(2B) Devastating Strike: Maximize Damage dealt to a player.
(2B) Gaping Wound: Roll a 1d4, that becomes the damage value for a Bleed DC 10.

Impelling Arcanas

Arcana's are vague and can be interpreted in positive or negative ways. Minor Arcana's may provide a bonus, usually up to +2 for a time, or gaining the effects of a 2nd level spell. Major Arcana's may provide advantage for a time, or gaining the effects of a 5th level spell. However Arcana's usually involve less mechanical means and more story driven means. A mysterious stranger, burst of magic, or something else.

When an Arcana is impelled by a character, they may make a suggestion to the DM or the DM may simply decide on a benefit, it's up to the player to accept if this benefit is worth the cost paid. If a player rejects the possibilities, they do not spend any fortune.

When an Arcana is impelled by the DM, the DM decides what happens, although a player may suggest something the DM makes the final decision.

Fortune System

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