Royal Order of Physicians


The Royal Order of Physicians

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Equipment: Plague Masks, full plate with red tabards, scythe as primary weapon.
Nicknames: Plague Knight, Royal Quarantine, Beak Knight.

The royal order of knights are plague guards, disease trackers, and hunters of meta-human mutants (Revenants, Therianthropes, Vampires). They work to cure diseases, produces antidotes to poisons, and search for natural means of lifting curses due to the poison of the weave. Called upon by the king to slow the spread of disease and plague, they're responsible for putting blocks and whole cities under quarantine.

The Order is renown for being cold and calculating at time. They'll lethally enforce a quarantine and let a disease burn out while they're still searching for a cure.

Royal Order of Physicians

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