Veladrion Charms



Charms are magical tokens that bestow supernatural properties onto items they're bound to. However the powers are temporary, if the charm is removed the effects are lost. It takes time to bind the magic of a charm to an item, it takes a short rest to bind or unbind a single charm from an item. If that item didn't require attunement, it does after a charm is bound to it, and you may attune to it during the same short rest the binding takes place during.
It takes a short rest to bind a charm to an item.
Items with a charm require attunement.
One charm per item.

Minerva's Mark

Focus Charm (Applied to a Staff, Orb, or Wand focus)
A thick paper bookmark charm.
Grants a +1 bonus to Intelligence based attack rolls and damage.

Feather Bundle

Focus Charm (Applied to a Druid focus)
Five feathers of various colors bound together.
When dealing Thunder, Lightning damage, increase saving throws by one, and deal an extra 1d8 damage.

Firefly Glow

Weapon Charm (Applied to a simple weapon)
A small metal Firefly that dangles from the hilt.
A target hit with the attached weapon, grants advantage on the next hit.

Thunderous Glockenspiel

Weapon Charm (Applied to a bludgeoning weapon)
A small bell attached to the hilt by string.
When a target is hit, deal 1d4 additional thunder damage.

Shocking Crystal

Weapon Charm (Applied to a piercing weapon)
A crystal for the hilt of a weapon.
When a target is hit, deal 1d4 additional lightning damage.

Serrated Segment

Weapon Charm (Applied to a slashing weapon)
A small saw like addition, which melds onto the blade.
When a target is hit, if it's wearing light armor or no armor, it gains 1 Bleed DC 8 + Proficiency bonus.

Lash's Kiss

Weapon Charm (Applied to a whip)
Tiny serrated blades for the tip of a whip.
When a target is hit, if it's wearing light armor or no armor, it gains 2 Bleed DC 8 + Proficiency bonus.

Seal of Health

Armor Charm (Applied to armor)
A wax seal in the shape of a cross.
When you recover health, you gain 1 extra health from each die rolled.

Veladrion Charms

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