Veladrion History


Before the Chronicles

0 CE: Birth of the Demi-Gods

Vöris (War), The Shadow (Trickery), Zotal (Tempest), Cernos (Nature), Mayuri (Light), Patron (Life), Minervia (Knowledge), Rasha (Death), all came into this world. No one knows where they came from, but these demi-gods came to Western Veladrion during 0 CE. Making themselves known in towns and dreams. Shrines were erected in their honor, and act as means to communicate with them.

539 – 597 CE: The Fool's War

The Fool's War took place between the Humans Kingdoms of Veil and the Non-Human Aliance. The KoV consists mostly of human members, but does include the halflings, Tieflings, and Aasimar. The NHA consisted of Elves, gnomes, Sorcerers, Half-Orcs, Rahshaki, and Alatorum. The Demi-gods took part in the war, some even taking sides. Vöris and The Shadow joined the Kingdoms of Veil, while Zotel and Cernos rallied the Non-Human Alliance. Mayuri helped any who asked, did her best to protect without harming. Patron watched, recorded, and told stories of battles he witnessed. Rasha continued to walk with those who follow her, saddened by the ending of so many lives. Minervia's involvement is unknown as usual.

543 CE: The End of Magic

The NHA, knowing the Kingdoms of Veil's reliance on magic, performed a ritual that poisoned the weave of Western Veladrion. All spell casting now drains life energy from casters. It gave NHA an advantage that let them continue the war another 54 years. It also provided another reason for the NHA to be vilified, they had poisoned all magic in the area, making magic a costly thing to study.

597 CE: The Repayment Treaty

By the time the war ended, there was a court convened to determine how to repay the years of damage to the Kingdoms of Veil.  All Elves were turned into chattel to pay off the majority of the debt they cause on the Kingdoms of Veil, a "Lifetime of service" were the exact words used, Elf or human lifetime is unclear. the Half-Orcs, Rahshaki, and Alatorum also were forced into slavery to pay off the war debt, however it was deem they were not as responsible as the Elves. The non-Elven members of the NHA were given an equally vague "Half a life time of service" for aiding the elves. However any magic user who sided with the NHA were executed, blamed for the poisoning of magic. Sorcerers and Warlocks were also hunted down and killed,  Wizards on the other hand are carefully watched and regulated.

657 CE: Burn the Stars, Phase 1 "Children"

The second generation of children who don't remember the war are growing up. PC's are no older than 12 at the start of the campaign. Their parents remember nothing of the war, but they had the hatred drilled into them, many only seeing the side effects of a war instead of a problem with the people. Free and Enslaved may be growing up at the same time, but most don't interact with one another.

663 CE: Burn the Stars, Phase 2 "Youth"

The second generation of children who don't remember the war are growing up. PC's are between 11 and 18.

675 CE: Burn the Stars, Phase 3 "Paradigm Shift"

The second generation of children who don't remember the war are growing up, PC's are between 23 and 30 at the start of this Phase. 

Veladrion History

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