Veladrion Primer


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Veladrion is a large landmass, separated by permenant storms and hostile terrain. The nations of Nox, Orion, The Thirteen Kingdoms, Kana, and Chakai are on the south eastern side of Veladrion. Trifid and Veil are located in the west, and this is where the Chronicles take place.

The lands of Veil are forested, civilization is human centric, and slavery runs strong through the economy and culture. The land is rich with old history, burried by war, abandoned to the monsters that roam the land. Elves are enslaved, there is no such thing as a free elf in Veil, elven bandits are a constant menace in the forests of Veil. Alatorum are enslaved but some have gained or earned their freedom, those enslaved have their wings clipped or bound to prevent them from running. Rahshaki are enslaved, kept as domestic servants, the rare few have their freedom, but face their own prejudices.

Trifid is filled with vast planes and tundra, boreal forests, and high mountains. Humans living here do so out of necessity, run away slaves or those seeking political or cultural freedom. The orc and half-orc population is the majority, Alatorum and Rahshaki tribes remain ever moving, only humans try to settle in one place.

Veladrion Primer

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