Veladrion Race


Species Status: Species not socially allowed to have higher status than listed in Western Veladrion.
Nobility: Have the right to own Chattel and Slaves, as well as contract Serfs.
Citizen: May not own Slaves or Chattel, but may own land and contract Serfs.
Servitude: "Serf" Contracted by Nobility to work, may not own land.
Chattel: A slave working to pay off a debt, after which they're freed.
Enslaved: A slave, no amount of work can set them free.

Human: Nobility

Tiefling: Nobility

Aasimar: Nobility (Most restrict themselves to Citizen)

Dwarf: Citizen

Halfling: Citizen

Dragonborn: Citizen

Half-Elf: Servitude

Gnome: Servitude

Half-Orc: Chattel

Rahshaki: Chattel

Alatorum: Chattel

Elf: Enslaved

Promethean: Enslaved

Rare Races

The following races are available, but rare, often found as travelers, wanders, or orphans. Most are treated as Chattel or Serfs at best.

Tabaxi: Chattel, Mistaken for Rahshaki.

Kenku: Chattel, Mistaken for monsters, valued by Nobility.

Lizardfolk: Enslaved, Treated as monsters.

Triton: Chattel, Outsiders, seen as monstrous.

Goliath: Servitude, but frightening to general populace.

Firbolg: Enslaved, Seen as monstrous.

Veladrion Race

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