Veladrion Chronicles

Session 3

Silver Slopes and Deadly Drops

Major Events:
-Emjay had his voice stolen by a Mute Torment.
-Keokhal easily handled half of Noosejumpers trap ladened tower.
-Lero managed to claim Noosejumpers treasure, and split it amongst the party.
-With the bridge out at the waterfall, the party made a log bridge by felling a dead/dying tree.
-Shaddox fell to his death after his Misophonia Torment was triggered by a woodpecker.
-A rope was lowered and Emjay went after him, losing his grip and falling to the water below.
-Lero dove in next, followed by Keokhal.
-Keokhal discovered Shaddox and Emjay in a cave behind the waterfall.
-Emjay recovered and found Addie the Changeling who had healed him.
-Trusting Addie, they gathered Shaddox's body and headed to the shrine.
-The Offering from the Mason Family was used to reincarnate Shaddox as a wood elf, instead of appeasing Cernos to protect the town of Knife's Edge from wild life.
-The Fortune Teller arrived to do another reading, reading Past and Future, as well as Addie.


The_Vaporite The_Vaporite

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