Aseir Rein

Jasmal's Older Brother


Race: Human
Age: 11/17/29
Gender: Male


Like many eldest children, Atala and Khemed‘s firstborn son grew up emulating his parents’ authoritative protectiveness with his younger siblings, partly as a way to act out the frustration he felt over what seemed to be increasingly lax rules for every new child. At times Aseir could be a bit of a bully, but he was also always prepared to square up against anyone else who dared to pick on his siblings.

Jasmal and Aseir’s relationship has always been tense. When Atala and Khemed couldn’t keep an eye on all the children at once, Aseir was often the one to catch Jasmal misbehaving. Tattling escalated into fights and eventually the children’s parents had to step in and set ground rules for how the siblings were to treat each other. Instead of correcting her behavior, however, the new rules made Jasmal become sneakier in her approach. She found that she could avoid conflict with both her parents and Aseir by being more secretive.

As for Aseir, he found that worrying less about getting his sister in trouble actually made life much more enjoyable. And he found an outlet for his desires for both order and leadership: the life of a sailor like his father and grandfathers. Teenage Aseir began an apprenticeship at the seaport, learning the ropes and eventually working his way up to his first real voyage on Khemed’s ship.

As the years wore on, Aseir grew in promise as a sailor and was eventually transferred from his father’s ship to continue training under someone outside the family. Following in Khemed’s footsteps, he worked his way up the ranks to become captain of the Northern Storm under the employ of the same Flensing Company. He’s elected not to have a family as the responsibility of a ship is enough for him, although he did marry one of his old shipmates from Zotal’s Lady. Within a few years, Aseir managed to get his husband, Ramas, transferred to his ship.

Aseir Rein

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