Hameid Rein

Jasmal's Youngest Sibling


Race: Human
Age: 2/8/20
Gender: Nonbinary (Hijra)


Not much is known about Atala and Khemed‘s youngest child due to their young age other than that they identify as neither male nor female. They do seem to have a natural curiosity for learning about anything and everything, which makes them both a bright student and a nosy child. Hameid has more than once caught their sister Jasmal doing something she wasn’t supposed to be doing, but luckily for Jasmal the young child is also quite easily distracted.

Hameid took after their mother and learned to be a teacher, sharing responsibilities at the Knife’s Edge schoolhouse. As Atala has aged, the two have been preparing for Hameid to one day take over her position so that Atala can retire. Hameid’s focus has improved over the years, and they spend most of their downtime at home reading.

Hameid Rein

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