Jasmal Rein

Covert Cleric


Race: Aasimar
Age: 7/13/25
Gender: Female
Background: Charlatan
Languages: Common, Celestial, Elvish
Theme: “Burning Gold” by Christina Perri

Major Arcana: Marionette
Minor Arcana (Future): Rogue
Minor Arcana (Past): Torturer

Jasmal inherited her father’s golden brown complexion and tall stature and her mother’s dark-featured beauty. Like most aasimar, she has an almost otherworldly quality to her; her posture is immaculate without seeming rigid, and her skin almost seems to glimmer upon close inspection. The recent loss of her left eye serves as a rather jarring contrast to the otherwise perfect symmetry of her face.

She’s never seen without a silver emblem of Patron pinned to her clothing. When she activates her Radiant Soul ability, two incorporeal golden eagle wings sprout from her back.


“For this life is naught
But a series of stories,
And always, he acts
For the sake of the story.”
-affirmation of faith, disciples of the Patron

Jasmal comes from a fairly large family with her mother, Atala Rein (maiden name Pashar), being a human and her father, Khemed Rein, an aasimar like her.


Atala is renown for her beauty and as her family is fairly wealthy, she was an extremely eligible bachelorette in her youth and had a parade of suitors starting when she was a teenager. For a few years Atala relished the attention and would flit from one lover to another as soon as she got bored. But eventually the game lost its novelty to her. Most of the men were only interested in her appearance and social status; those who shared her love of children and her dream of a large family were few and far between. So Atala took a break from dating to do some soul-searching and found her calling as a schoolteacher.

Khemed followed in his fathers’ (human Zasheir, aasimar Ralmevik) footsteps and became a sailor on a whaling ship, eventually working his way up to captain under the employ of the Flensing Company. While he had a knack for seamanship, Khemed was equally passionate about creating art from anything and everything: scrimshaw from whalebone, jewelry from shells and seaglass, and even sculptures from driftwood. It was during a hunt for crafting materials on shore leave that Khemed met Atala on the beach for a field trip with her students.

Since Khemed didn’t recognize Atala as a Pashar on sight, their first encounter was free of any societal pressures or presumptions. The two hit it off immediately, and Atala eventually made the decision to forgo her high-class lifestyle in favor of the quaint and comfortable life Khemed led. Within two years they were married, much to the dismay of several of Atala’s ex-suitors.

Siblings and Birth:

Jasmal is the third of five siblings: older brother Aseir (human), older sister Seipora (human), younger brother Sudeiman (aasimar), and younger nonbinary sibling Hameid (human). She was born in a brothel after Atala began to have contractions while walking Aseir and Seipora home from school. The nearest healer’s guild was too far away, but the tiefling mistress of a nearby brothel sprung into action upon hearing the news. Having trained as a midwife to look after her employees, Temerity ushered Atala and her children inside, leaving Aseir and Seipora under supervision in the waiting area and taking Atala to the back to deliver the baby. Temerity has been a family friend ever since and helped to deliver Sudeiman and Hameid as well.


As Atala and Khemed’s first aasimar child, Jasmal grew with celestial magic in her blood, compelling her to aspire to a life as a cleric despite her parents’ warnings of the dangers of the poisoned Weave. Being the middle child of two career parents, however, Jasmal found it all too easy to fly under their radar and study the teachings of Patron in secret.

Jasmal was also the only one of the Rein children to not take after either Khemed or Atala in some way, and as such Jasmal was always the odd one out, the one who took too much time to understand or bond with. Her relationships with her older siblings were often contentious as well, pushing a young Jasmal to seek out kinship with children outside the home. One such child was the rebellious Tatiana, whose influence only served to encourage Jasmal’s renegade behavior.

In an attempt to straighten her out, Jasmal’s mother signed her onto the cleaning crew at the Milk & Honey Club.

Twelve-Year Timeskip

For the first two years after Tatiana left, Jasmal divided her time between work at the brothel and visiting Shaddox at his home. The rest of the gang had gone their separate ways, and Shaddox was the only one left for her to latch onto. He was also the only one who shared her trauma having also been spared execution in the town square. There were plenty of whispers about the two’s relationship, but no one really seemed to want to ask. Too many bad memories tied to that moment when Jasmal first publicly hugged him. And where Atala may once have been concerned with her daughter becoming so close to an elf, she was for once lenient with Jasmal as a noble recluse was a far safer friend to have than anyone else Jasmal had shown interest in.

The first week after Shaddox disappeared, Jasmal barely slept. She wore herself ragged, exploring every tenuous lead she could find, even wandering off into the woods in search of anything that could tell her what had happened. Her sister Seipora’s fiancĂ© was the one who found her and dragged her back home, after which she was promptly grounded. Jasmal’s parents got it in their heads that she must have been in love with the boy, and thus began a decade’s worth of matchmaking attempts for their very eligible and very distracted daughter.

The only thing that kept Jasmal from falling into a rut was the intervention of her guiding angel, Seraphina. At 18, Jasmal began receiving dreams, visions, and other tugs on her intuition, pulling her towards people in need. When Seraphina started calling her out of town, Jasmal developed and tested a false identity. Masquerading as her alter ego, Jasmal has been able to slip in and out of town “unnoticed.”

Jasmal Rein

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