Red Eyes

Forest Bandit Rahshaki


Race: Rahshaki
Age: 5/11/18
Sex: Female
Class: Rogue 7 (Highwayman) / Ranger 3
Background: Outlander
Languages: Slyvan, Elvish, Common (weak).

Major Arcana: Unknown
Minor Arcana (Future): Unknown
Minor Arcana (Past): Unknown

Description: A tall and lanky feline clad in tribal wear. She’s armed with a bow on her back, spear in hand, and hatchet at her hip. Fur a mix of brown for the body, black from the elbows and knees down, and a white underbelly. Black lines starting at the inner corner of her eyes and running off her face at her mouth. She has unusual red eyes, likely the story behind her name.

New Look: The once puma colored Rahshaki, now has a glittering golden pelt. Wearing light elven silks that are covered by fey leathers, short feathered shoulders. There’s a bundle of three sandy tan and brown feathers in her hair. Armed with a brace of six pistols across her chest and an black steel dagger at her side, possibly Drow in origin, with a leather pouch.


Red Eyes was the runt of her litter, aside from that she hasn’t said to much about who she is.

She took part in the battle that broke out between the Mercenaries and Elves, siding with the elves. Landing an arrow in Lero, Red Eyes had her chance to impress the elves taken away when the fog dropped, and the elves turned most of the remaining combatants to Swiss cheese. Afterwards, she’s stuck around to observe the teen aged party.

Age 14: She vanished about 2 years into the 12 year gap, roughly the same time that Shaddox vanished as well.

Age 14: With Shaddox missing, Red Eyes attempted to hunt him down, it took her four years of searching, early on she learned that he was in the Fey Wild, but didn’t have a means to cross and hadn’t earned the trust of the elves who could send her there.

Age 18: Finally tracks down Shaddox to the Fey Wild and dimension hops. Spends the next 144 days with Shaddox, first they spend two weeks looking for a way out, then they settle in as hunters, fell for one another, and earned a name for themselves. They became known as the Golden Hunters, likely because Red Eyes’s fur has turned glistening gold from eating food in the Fey Wild. She’s learned a bit more about the civilized world thanks to Shaddox talking about his past.

Red Eyes

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