Seipora Pisacar

Jasmal's Older Sister


Race: Human
Age: 8/14/26
Gender: Female


As Atala and Khemed‘s second born child and Jasmal’s only sister, Seipora always felt caught between her sister and their older brother, Aseir. When the two fought, Seipora did her best to act as mediator and found that she had a natural talent for diplomacy. While she couldn’t resolve the fights completely, she could generally deescalate the situation long enough for an adult (usually Atala) to intervene.

Because of the role she took on in her family, Seipora developed a deep aversion to conflict of any sort. She holds no strong opinions and always defaults to a middle ground in discussions, even when it may not be the wisest or fairest position to take. In many ways, she embodies family friend Temerity’s public face: avoid touchy subjects and focus on keeping everyone as happy as possible.

At 18, Seipora also took a job at the Milk & Honey Club as a bartender. A year later, she married her longtime fiancé Anton Pisacar, a member of the town guard. He and Seipora have a six-year-old daughter named Dona, and Seipora is currently pregnant with their second child.

Seipora Pisacar

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