Selena Kahlo

Benevolent Heiress, Patron Devotee


Race: Human
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Languages: Common, Elvish
Theme: “Chained to the Rhythm” by Katy Perry

Selena is a tall, slender young woman with flawless beige skin, shoulder-length snowy blonde hair, and two different colored eyes: one green and one dark brown. She wears fine clothing and typically carries a thelarr (whistlecane). On her finger, she sports the signet ring of a duke which she seems to enjoy brandishing at every opportunity.


It is the duty of those in power to serve the needs of the people. I cannot abide cruelty, and neither will my father.

Selena is the only child of a wealthy widower duke, and as such, she’s the sole heir to his fortune and a total daddy’s girl whose father lets her do almost anything she wants and believes that she can do no wrong. Luckily Selena seems to have a good heart and uses her influence to help rather than harm, often reaching out to those society at large has let fall by the wayside.

Selena has been training as a bard/cleric in service of Patron and travels frequently, seeking an audience with the demigod himself in order to gain his blessing in person.

Selena Kahlo

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